So my lovely wife and I entered a piece in an art auction. The project is listed here http://www.raygunworkshop.com. We had a lot of fun building our raygun.

In fact, our piece was cool enough to make it into an advertisement for the company putting the show together!

We worked on this together and I got to put some electronics in the gun to make it light up and make sound.

It will be auctioned off tomorrow so we’ll see how much it goes for. The money is going for a good cause so hopefully it goes for a lot!

Freezer Jam!

My favorite food of all time growing up (and by favorite, I just mean at this exact moment, my favorite foods change quickly based on mood and time of day) was my mom’s homemade raspberry jelly. It might have been the extraordinary amount of sugar involved, but it was also the awesome taste of red raspberries grown in our backyard. Hopefully, my little raspberry starts will produce in the future, but for now I’m relying on the farmer’s market to supply my fresh berries and peaches. Yesterday I made my fist batch of the season – peach, raspberry and strawberry! Sooooooo yummy 🙂 I ate it on a piece of Ezekiel 4:9 toast with a little almond butter (not a peanut butter fan, but I’m sure it would work just as well.)


Finished (Relatively) Back Yard

Here is a reminder of the before backyard picture:

20130804-150415.jpgAnd after a weeks worth of cutting, sawing, nipping, weed-eating and my brother precariously perched in trees cutting branches off that were touching the roof, here is the after picture:

20130804-150642.jpgWho knew we had such pretty hostas growing down there?
And no more branches hitting our roof. (Our neighbor’s tree that is somewhat on our property got hit by lighting a few weeks ago, making several branches land and lean on our roof).


20130804-150820.jpgAnd the beautiful willow is swaying along in the breeze, looking like she’s dancing 🙂

New Doorbell!

For the past few months, we had a partially working circuit board with wires stuck on the wall instead of an actual working doorbell. We have finally finished that project with a rather inexpensive wireless doorbell mounted over the huge hole in the wall that I patched as best I could. I also needed to patch the holes in the brick outside walls where previous owners had drilled holes to hold down conduit for the wires to run to the outside doorbell. Because that makes sense… I think I personally would have chosen to run the wires through the wall to protect them, but what do I know? 🙂



Now I’m off to tackle the yard… Here is a before picture, hoping the after shows some improvement!


“One of Those Days”

This morning I discovered that the lovely knobs I had picked out for my kitchen cabinet doors the first time were not the exact same as I had bought a few weeks ago when I got the next set of doors done. Do I have a receipt? These things have been on the cabinets for the past few months, of course I don’t have a receipt. I also don’t have the original packaging. Bummer. Well, I went to Lowes to see if they could exchange them (they could, I still had some of the original packaging and I got in store credit for the rest) and of course the original knobs I had picked out were no longer carried. I bought the next best in my opinion and I really do like them quite a lot. It was a bit of an ordeal and silly, but no biggie.

Then I got home and decided I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having by opening up the few windows and doors I can and letting my house air out. Apparently, my house does not air out well. I walked upstairs and it was immediately a nasty bad smell and headache that seemed like a pretty good thing to call the gas company about. Well, somehow I told the lady that I had gotten a little headache walking up stairs and that was the magic word for her to have to call the fire department! Two fire trucks and an EMT came to make sure I was ok, along with the normal gas guy! Geeze! It was sweet of them though. But through all this, they couldn’t get any reading from any tools that detect CO as well as natural gas and their prognosis is that it is actually a sewer gas leak and the smell is coming from the basement and leading up through the ducts and into the upstairs bedrooms…. Oh goody. Currently, I am waiting on a plumber to give me and estimate on what he/she thinks is the problem and hopefully I will eventually be able to open the windows in my house and have the beautiful air blow through instead of stink up the place! Exciting and geepers I am on an adrenaline high. The joys of owing a house just keep getting better and better 🙂

Trees To Cut Down

Coming home from one of our many family reunion vacations, we noticed that one of our trees in the side yard looked funny. A little exploration and we discovered that a neighbors tree that borders our property had been hit by lightning and it was pushing the branches over onto our house. Next step, we will need to buy a ladder and figure out how to cut the tree down so that the first ice storm we get this winter doesn’t cause the tree to crash into our library!


We also have a large tree I find annoying to mow around, so it will probably be coming down too.


Finished Projects

This last week I got in gear and finally finished a few projects that were oh-so-close to being done, but I just hadn’t quite got them finished.

I finally painted the stair risers. I put up the wallpaper a long time ago, but I had never finished the project due to a busy schedule, blah, blah, blah. They look much more finished and less like I just stuck something on the stair risers; now it looks purposeful with clean lines.


And the lower cabinets are finished! This one I can somewhat blame on the weather: as in, when I got free time to work on them it was either too cold or too humid, but they are done now and it’s sooo lovely to have space to spread out all our stuff so it does not get cluttered.



Garage Organizing

How often does it seem like the garage is the catch-all place for clutter that gets stacked in a corner and becomes virtually unusable?

So we have begun the process of organizing the garage clutter. We began with the bikes:

20130724-141412.jpgNow they are in a useful area, easy to reach and all their paraphernalia is right there with them. Awesome.

Then hubby built the most amazing and sturdy rabbit cage stand ever (conveniently, adding much more storage.)

20130724-141927.jpg They also love being at eye level and are friendlier it seems.

I’m thinking this area might be our next area of focus….

20130724-142216.jpgWhat a mess… oh well, you can find everything so it’s all good 🙂

Blogging, I think I can remember how to do this…

Wahoo, back in the blogging saddle again! I hope I remember how to do this!

In March, I began work as an art teacher at a downtown school, which coincides nicely with the last time that I blogged. The art teacher there went on maternity leave, and I knew someone who recommended me for the job. It was a neat experience, and I only cried once (and it wasn’t in front of a student) so I think I did a pretty good job. Middle schoolers are a mess of crazy, and it was awesome to try to teach them something about the art world, and about “the real world”. School got out in June, and then all the craziness of summer started.

My family and hubby’s family had reunions ever weekend in June. Every weekend. It was a lot of traveling! But it was fun to see everyone. We also took a longer vacation to see my aunt and uncle who live several states away, quite fun! They have a four year old who is at a super fun age to play with. We also found out that an aunt and uncle on my side, and an aunt and uncle on hubby’s side are due with new babies coming soon! And we got to watch one of my uncles marry his beautiful bride over the interwebs. I admit, it was fun to “attend” a wedding while wearing blue jeans and eating dinner. So we have been having a busy busy summer, as everyone seems to have.

We also got two additions to our little family here: Annie and Alice. They are sisters from the same litter, but Annie came out red (and over a pound heavier) and Alice came out white (REW).

We recently got them fixed and I got to watch! I have pictures, but I’m going to guess most of my audience will not want to see the spaying process.

We have also had the pleasure of getting to know our front and back yards. Springtime was especially good for all our weeds that have seemed to take over completely. My mom calls it a continual war and I have to say I agree. I keep winning battles, but the weeds are currently winning the war. Hubby had to spend several weeks on antibiotics due to poison oak, and he claims I am growing a beautiful witches garden. He’s quite right, with all the poison oak, poison ivy, black locusts, poke weed, etc… the yard is a pretty dangerous place! But it is still beautiful so overall I’m quite happy. I do think it might be a bad idea for me to get my hands on a chain saw, I have many trees I want to cut down! We do have some really pretty vines that have taken over though : Trumpet Vine


Hopefully, things calm down a little around here….. it’s hard to adapt to being constantly on the go!